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When we started, we wanted to be the best designers out there.  When we designed to perfection but got let down by the production studio's we took it upon ourselves to to become the best production studio armed with the might of creativity behind us.  From that point on the journey has been somewhat exacting but truly rewarding, to say the least, but that because we relish a good challenge.

We hope you enjoy our work below!


Speakers' Corner dazzles Parliament street in Cape Town.


This heritage building received a highly polished design aesthetic infused with wood and metal to create an niche' space for chique retail and corporate business alike. 

Drawing inspiration from the polished diamond shape of the logo, all signage was produced using edge lit glass and polished perspex to create facets of light and form.  The weave was a further design motif used for privacy glazes on windows.  Produced in Durban, installed in Cape Town. 


Do Things That Can’t Be Done!


As if inspired by George Seurat, 100,000 wooden teaspoons were perfectly placed with pixel perfection over 3 boardroom walls to create a cascading art piece spanning three floors. 

Two giant 24 meter high mosaic spoon art pieces puzzle pieced to the walls.  Over 100 meters of plastic crates cladded to canteen counter fronts.  Not to mention 144 Enamel Plates pinned with geometrical precision to a wall.

Through client collaboration, brainstorming, using logic & relying on intuition, taking calculated risks & prototyping we found solutions to achieve the clients vision.

It was no small feat, but was planned properly and executed seamlessly- this is the embodiment of our credo "reliable excellence"!

There are few folk in the world that are insane enough to take on the stuff we’ve asked you to (and I mean this in the nicest possible way!). And fewer still with the level of enthusiasm and energy you’ve tackled it with.

Massive thanks to you and your team for taking some crazy ideas and making them absolutely beautiful.
— Susie Hart, Business Director. The Hardy Boys

100,00 wooden tea spoons were pinned with pixel perfect precision to the wall either face up or down to create this patterned lighting effect!

Spoons were stained blue, red or green and meticulously positioned to display the wording on each boardroom wall.

Approximately 24 meters high each canvas was hand painted then mounted onto the wall by our qalified installation team.

Hey Pierre,

Just wanted to mail you and thank you again for the quality of work you and your team have produced over the past few months. I’ve said it before, you are a valued supplier and friend to us and you’ve undoubtably shown us exactly why that is. (And set the bar extremely high for all future jobs).

Beyond that, the ideas, problem solving, collaborative energy and just general great attitude towards everything is something we truly appreciate.
— Greg Darroll, Creative Director. The Hardy Boys- Disturbance.

144 Plate Mural pinned to the wall.

Durban colours up its creative pioneers!


Set in the heart of Durban CBD, Pioneer Place is the home to many entrepreneurial creatives and houses a great deal of seamstresses and fashionistas.  As such is was only fitting for a shweshwe styled pattern to be embodiment of this buildings face.

Technically challenging in that the pattern in no way repeated itself, but there were various sets of window "styles".  Ensuring the correct window received the right pattern was like playing a giant game of battleships!  To further the challenge the surface materials of concrete, aluminium, glass and cladding meant different techniques to colour the surface were required, with some having to be manufactured in the factory and other in situ.

The internal signage for the building needed creative solutions to be found so as to display the many small businesses and entrepreneurs who would frequent these offices.  A neat solution of creating a display that held a business card, and an A4 page meant that each business could display their company both in the ground floor directory sign, as a business card holder, and as a A4 sign outsdie their office door.


Vinyl on glass and cladding, paint on concrete.

Before the revamp

Entrance Signage

The largest privately funded piece of public art in eThekwini!


A building with a heritage of law situated on a street named after the lawyer that schooled him, the late Anton Lembede.

The client wanted a overnight "wow" factor to ensure this could be unveiled to the publics surprise, but at the same time ensuring that all risks in a speedy flighting were mitigated as this is a building full of lawyers!

The art piece was commissioned and produced by local artist, Sandile Mhlongo.  The painted art was then digitised and set up for print.  A background was photoshopped in to match the adjacent buildings green lattice.

The graphic was printed to Tarpaulin PVC as six 40+ meter drops, then heat welded together to make up the giant print.  This was finished with reinforced pockets on the edges and installed to a hot dipped galvansied frame via a pocket and bar tension system.

On the second day of being flighted it was exposed to very high winds, and subsequently to a further two "hurricane" force winds which ripped apart other PVC banners, opened roofs and wrecked havoc in Durban, yet Anton Lembede still stands!



Client: So we need a giant bar of soap, but we need it urgently.  Oh, and we don't have any artwork, or dimensions..


Me: OK, well send the logo and we will make it happen!

1x Prototype, 3x Finished pieces. 1x happy client and a Loerie Bronze award!


credit: the hardy boys

I can’t begin to thank you enough for your persistence on this project. It’s been an absolute joy working with yourself and your team and a breath of fresh air to find a collaborative supplier with such a “can do” approach, so thank you for that too!
— Susie Hart Business Director, The Hardy Boys

Florida rd funks up!


The new home to Zig Zag surf magazine.  The Spanish motto- mi casa tu casa ensured this upmarket location become the home to many creative agencies.

All signage was spec'd wth the best materials possible and we introduced digital displays into the directory signage to allow for a more engaging experience whereby tenants can post their social media and other material to these displays.


Where homegrown and international brands meet!


Durban's own homegrown Afro's Chick'n and Durban's first store Starbuck meet in this modern location.  Strong angles, clean lines and primary earth tone's make for a unique corporate signage that blends African flair with corporate chique.


Chosen by the country's leading glass and facade solutions company.


We were thankful and honoured when the country's leading glass and facade solutions company, Hampson Aluminium appointed Brand Iron to fabricate signage for their HQ.

Drawing inspiration from their core offering of glass and aluminium the materials chosen all reflected these qualities and so red & silver brushed aluminium was used in conjunction clear and tinted perspex, with either laser etched, or laser cut detailing.

The stairwell canvas blockmounts were edited images of thier portfolio work to draw focus on their product and vast portfolio of impressive projects. 


A little shopping centre gives its tenants big brand presence.


The previous owners of the centre did little to manage their tenants branding and the centre's appearance and as such the look of the centre was haphazard.  New ownership resulted in Brand Iron being appointed to remove all the signage on the exterior of the Astra Centre and fabricate an entirely new signage fascia to cover the entire span of the centre's street front.

From concept, to design, fabrication and installation Brand Iron offered a fully comprehensive turnkey solution with a after care plan and lifespan warranty.



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